Lauren’s 30th in Charleston

Last week I was thrilled to have Lauren, Darren and Pegs come down to Charleston to celebrate Lauren’s milestone birthday.  We crammed a lot in a few days before Mom headed back to Ga and I went back to work –>

Brewery tour, peach sangria, beach trip, Poe’s Tavern, L&D meet their niece Cleo, Xmas ornaments, dinner at The Grocery, corn ice cream with blackberries and bacon, drinks in a speak easy, brunch at Shelter, meeting the Wilds family, St. John’s marina,  bike ride around IOP, pictures in a huge beach chair, wine by the pool, palmetto cheese, melt in your mouth homemade pasta, 30th birthday poem, another beach walk, mexican train, peanut butter pie, and presents!


Basically, it was a great week with our family – Happy 30th Birthday Lauren!!


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