Friday morning Hunter dropped me off at the airport, to start the trek up to Boston.  With a rainbow overhead as a good omen, I thought the travel day would be quick and painless… no so much.

As we were boarding the plane to Atlanta, the pilot informs us his altitude reader is broken and we were delayed.  This seems like an important tool, so I was all for the mechanic to replace it, unfortunately that was at the expense of my connecting flight to Boston.  The next 30 min were chaos as everyone called Delta to change flights.  I let Pegs know that she was now flying solo to Boston and I’d be there when I’d be there.  2.5 hours later our flight was on it’s way to Atlanta (just as I should have been departing for Boston).

I landed in Atlanta and headed to my gate for my now later connecting flight…. which was now delayed.  At that point, I saw a Sam Adams restaurant and in the spirit of Boston decided I should have a cold one while I waited.  I got back to the gate in time to see my flight had been delayed again.  I let Mom and Lauren know that I would make it up to MA eventually, told Meaghan I wouldn’t be able to see her ( 🙁 ) and got ready for another few hours at the airport.

We finally touched down in Boston at 5:36pm, I grabbed my bag and took off for the T.  I managed to make some friends on the subway and not get lost (miraculous since I’d only been on the T once before).  After sweating on the T, walking through rain, I was finally at the hotel.

Lauren was sweet enough to give me 3 minutes to relax before herding us out the door and to dinner. Marliave was DELICIOUS.  Our appetizer was basically Vermont cheese and bacon melted in a skillet aka my heaven.  My ‘Sunday Gravy’ was melt in your mouth lamb, beef and pork with gnocchi.  After the feast, a stroll was needed…


And what’s a visit to the North End without a canoli from Mike’s?


Now on to Maine and the Puffins!

(This blog post brought to you by the Amtrak wifi, woohoo!)

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