One day last week I walked outside to go to work and it was in the low 70s… fall was officially around the corner.  I saw something on Pintrest about painting jars to look like candy corn and thought it’d be a fun craft for Halloween.

Candy Corn Mason Jars

What you’ll need:

  • Mason jars
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paint brushes
  • Orange, yellow and white paint

Luckily I have a lot of paint at my house, so I dub through my stash looking for the right yellow, orange and white paints — which then led me to good ole Michael’s to buy more paint, some different sized mason jars (I’m not one for lots of matching) and fake, purple flowers.

1. Put painter’s tape around the bottom third (or slightly more) of each jar so the paint line will be straight.  Much easier said than done…  It’s hard to get the tape in a straight line.

Tip: Use smooth jars since you have to make sure the tape is completely in each groove of textured jars so the paint doesn’t bleed through.


2. Paint the bottom third of each jar yellow, including the bottom.  I did 3 coats of yellow before I was happy with the color and took the tape off.  Next: orange paint.


3. Put painters tape 2/3 way up the jar and start painting the middle section orange.  I also painted this section about 3 coats before the color seemed right.


4. Paint the top third white!  My white paint was thicker than the yellow / orange, so it didn’t take many coats.

While I waited for the white to dry, I did a few more coats of orange and white (that’s what I get for using $.70 paint bottles) and one more of white until I was happy with the color and lack of visible brush strokes.


Once all the paint is dry, fill with some flowers or candles and you’re ready for Halloween (and hungry for some candy corn)!

PS – See how I’ve styled them in our first home  with the mummy mason jars 🙂



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