In the last year I’ve realized that I’m legitimately happy.

That sentence alone might seem crazy because I don’t think I’ve ever been in a deep depression or unhappy with life (although I still wish a few things would have gone differently), but I am really happy, have a great outlook on life and feel different.  I tried to pinpoint this happiness on something and came up with some great options — being financially independent, having a great boyfriend, a loving and adorable kitty, an awesome job, close friends, great relationships with my family — but none of those actually answered it.  However, after thinking about this several nights I realized it came down to one thing: kindness.

I made a mental decision to simply be nice, and my life has changed for the better.

I can’t remember when or why, but I do remember thinking about trying the whole “be nice to everyone” thing out (Disclaimer: I would like to think I was never mean in my life, but like most children, teenagers and girls, I’m sure I have been very selfish and, unfortunately, mean in my life).  This meant making small chat, not rolling my eyes, listening, having (lots of) patience, being optimistic and actually caring about people.  Trust me, it was harder than I thought, and I haven’t been an angel (sorry to my apartment complex about the attitude with the mold ordeal), but my outlook on life has changed.  I’m not as negative as I was, I truly do care about the baggers at Publix, and how the intern on my team’s weekend was and basically I have a new appreciation for the relationships in my life.

Recently I read this article about the 12 things happy people do and it made me want to talk about my new-ish found happiness.  So, my challenge to you for the week is to be nice, especially when you don’t want to be, and see where that leads you!  Oh, and drink some  water — it’s good for you too!

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  • Enjoyed reading this blog.  I would like to add that being active in our church has given me so much happiness through my closeness with God and His teachings, my fellow Christians and the many ways  I have tried to follow Jesus’ messages about serving others in major or minor ways–  the activities and services that I’ve helped with through my Sunday School class, my church circle and as member of United Methodist Women have offered me so many  ways.   Love you, Grandmom 

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