My new kickball team, the Aggressive Spooners, played for the Charleston summer kickball championship on Friday night.  We clinched the ‘Wednesday night’ title on Wednesday, so we had 2 games to win in order to get the belt and massive trophy.  We beat the downtown champs 25 – 1 in the first game (they stopped giving us runs at 25, but we had 30+ by the end of the game).

In the championship game, we played some friends from the Thursday night champions.  The game went back and forth through 8 innings until we finally went up by 6 in the 9th and then held them for 3 outs and the title!  Then we got to celebrate and take a lot of pictures with the big trophy…


Yay for my first “big cup” trophy!

PS- To the family, my knees are a little skinned, but let’s be serious…. I’ve done worse and nothing to worry about!

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