Last night a group of my Cofc friends and I headed to Indaco to try the new restaurant on upper King and end Kelsi’s visit on a high note before she had to head back to DC this morning.  Indaco opened a few months ago and all the foodies had been flocking there, so we were excited to try it out for a late dinner.

The seven of us were seated at the community high top (always a favorite of mine) and ordered some wine.  We all ordered different items – pizza, antipasti, and pasta.  I ordered the pancetta pizza which includes broccoli raab, pecorino and an egg. I repeat, an egg.. A delicious egg on top of the pizza that you can split open and let the yolk spread all over.  YUM.


All the other dishes looked awesome (I was especially intrigued by the shishito peppers), but we all devoured our meals and there wasn’t much sharing.  I was the only one with leftovers, which were great for lunch.  It was a night of good friends, great food and I’ll definitely be back at Indaco for dinner and drinks again soon!

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