Most people have never heard of Three Lil Pigs, or will ever visit it (unless you’re with me), but I will go as far to say this place has better BBQ than 98% of other restaurants.

First, the back story…. The Pfeiffer / Elder clan spent 13 of our childhood years going to Callaway Gardens Summer Family Adventure program for a week each summer and stayed in their cottages.  Kids spend the week in day camp wake boarding, swimming, crafting, riding bikes, etc while the parents played golf and tennis, then met up for dinner and went to the nightly circus performances put on by FSU.  There was bingo, water balloon fights, puzzles — basically everything a kid wants in a vacation, wrapped up in some serious family time.  My cousin Chris and I even met Alison, a girl from Florida, who’s family came back year after year and we became 3 inseparable best friends.

Pine Mountain isn’t the biggest town — think 3 stop lights and a “Super Valu” grocery store — so there’s not many places to eat.  Luckily we figured out San Marcos, the half car garage / half Mexican restaurant, and Three Lil Pigs were the cream of the crop.  The week at Callaway wasn’t complete without multiple lunches from Three Lil Pigs and a crazy night at San Marcos before heading to bingo.. in our bright orange bingo shirts.  Callaway became such a second home to us that once the family stopped going every summer and I was off in college, Pegs decided to sell her house in PTC and build one in Callaway.  Lauren even got married at the Discovery Center on Callaway’s property.


So that brings me to my routine when I visit Pegs… lots of Three Lil Pigs.  Luckily when I came home for Thanksgiving, Lauren and Darren were also there for the weekend and wanted the same thing — Pine Mountain’s finest cuisine. We knocked off San Marcos Saturday night, but were devastated when we found out they took the jumbo margarita off the menu (ask Uncle Mark about those 64 oz of happiness).  However, you can just order 2 larges (and ask Darren about those effects).  After pleasing Pegs with Christmas pics Sunday afternoon, we headed over to Three Lil Pigs to get our BBQ fix before L & D headed back north to Boston.

I tend to get the same thing each time, the chipped pork sandwich which comes with homemade chips and a cup of slaw.  “Just a sandwich and some chips?” you may ask yourself, “I need more food than that.”  Ha, good luck. I made that mistake once too and immediately regretted it when the plate came out.  The BBQ plate easily has 5 lbs of food on it.  Here’s the chipped pork in all of it’s wonder..


Put your hands together to form a circle, now expand it.. that’s the size of the sandwich.  As if that wasn’t enough, the 1 size for drinks is basically what NYC is banning — 40 something oz of sweet tea or soda (not Coke, my 1 issue).  Sandwiches not your style? Their rack of ribs literally fall off the bone and is another Peggy / Granddad favorite.  My mouth is watering just thinking about them…

If you ever venture to Callaway Gardens with me, don’t worry, we’ll stop at Three Lil Pigs and you too will experience the joy that comes from delicious, no frills, Georgia BBQ.  Oh, but bring cash or check — credit cards aren’t accepted.

PS – After sending a picture of my Three Lil Pigs meal to Chris and Alison and getting “I hate you,” and “I’m sooo hungry now,” responses, we planned a weekend reunion in January.  Watch out Orlando, we’re back and as mischievous as ever…

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