I was lucky enough to be back in Georgia for a week during Thanksgiving break this year.  I left the weekend before so I could see Lauren and Darren before they headed back to Boston and visit all my grandparents on Tuesday.  

When Mark got to Callaway on Wednesday, we made the Oreo / candy corn turkeys for everyone’s place setting and Pegs and I got our dishes ready.  We all enjoyed a fun afternoon in Jonesboro watching the dog show (Mike and Mark picked the winner), eating, watching football, eating, decorating the tree, eating… You see the trend.


After a long walk on Friday with Pegs to work off some turkey, I trekked up to my old PTC stomping grounds to attend the Jacobsen’s Annual Thanksgiving party.  The night was basically a high school / soccer reunion — I got to see several friends, friends’ parents and even my preschool teacher.  Mrs. Maxwell and I (below) were excited to talk about her daughter, Kathryn’s wedding in February and trade old Colonnade stories.


Saturday I headed up to Atlanta for some good ole fashioned hate — the Georgia Tech / Georgia game.  Pegs and I met Gordon, Becky, Mike and Marie for lunch, I saw some high school friends at a tailgate and then we were ready to beat Georgia.  

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but it was a great game (until the 2nd overtime) and we saw a beautiful sunset over Atlanta.


I’m happy to be back in the swing of things in Charleston with Cleo, but don’t think I’m quite ready for work tomorrow…

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