Sadly, I had to finally take down the rest of my Christmas decorations today which included my tree and wreath, but the good news was that I got to switch wreaths out.  Last summer we collected a lot of sand dollars at Kiawah and I’m still thinking of things to do with them.  The fact that it was in the 70s yesterday, bathing suits have started arriving at Las Olas, and spring is around the corner, meant a new wreath was in store for my porch.

This is ridiculously easy to make, unless you decide to make the driftwood wreath yourself (and why would you when you can get one at Hobby Lobby for $20?).

Driftwood and Starfish / Sand dollar Wreath

What you’ll need:

  • Driftwood wreath
  • Starfish & sand dollars
  • Hot glue gun / liquid cement

Literally just glue the starfish and sand dollars on the driftwood wreath where you want and voila, you’re done!  Hang it on your door and stand back to admire it.driftwoodwreath

Now if the weather would only stay in the 60s….

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