Susu got me in the crafting spirit last week, so I was looking for a spring-ish, green wreath to make for my front door (the driftwood one is on my porch).  I browsed Pintrest and Google and found a few ideas I liked, so headed to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s to figure it out this weekend.

Spring Grass Wreath

What you’ll need:

  • 1 strand of garland.  The one I ultimately chose was thick enough to just use 1 strand, but some would probably require 2 strands.
  • Green wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Any garnish (burlap flowers, twine, canvas flower from Hobby Lobby for me)


Cut the majority of the garland’s stem off and split the garland into 2 pieces.  Make a circle with one of the strands.  Using the green wire, attach the end to form the wreath.  Every few inches, wrap the wire around some of the wreath, to help secure it and give it structure.


Use the 2nd piece to “beef up” the wreath, and attach to the main wreath where needed (every few inches or so).  It’s easy to tell when you pick it up and see what droops, then use the wire to keep it in place.


Once the wreath is together, hang it or add anything to it for an extra ‘something something.’  I added some canvas / burlap flowers I found at Hobby Lobby and spruced them up with a lil twine before hot glueing them onto the wreath.  Onto the front door it went!


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