Every year our friends get together to eat and watch the Super Bowl, and this year was no different.  We headed to James Island to eat wings, pulled pork, oysters, dips, etc, so I wanted to make a great “football themed” snack to add to the spread.  I found a picture on a little place called Pintrest, and decided to give the recipe a shot..

Chocolate Covered Football Pretzels


  • Peanut Butter filled Pretzels
  • Meltable chocolate pieces.  Baker’s has a microwavable container for dipping chocolate.
  • White icing

Start by melting the chocolate.  Since I used the Baker’s cup, it was super easy to just melt it in the microwave and stir.  If you go this route, get 2-3 of the cups.  I only bought one, and it was enough chocolate for about half of the pretzels (there was no way I was going back to Publix for more).  Once you melt the chocolate, dip the pretzels in it and place on a baking sheet with wax paper on top.  When all the pretzels have been “chocolatized,” put them in the fridge to cool.


Once the pretzels have cooled some (I waited thirty minutes, but would recommend 45min or more), it’s time for the laces of the football.  I just used white icing from a squeeze tube with a thin decorating top to apply the laces, but you could probably melt white chocolate and apply with an icing bag too.  Since the pretzels are small, I just put the top laces on, and then put them back in the fridge to cool and set again.


When I was ready to go, I popped them off the wax paper, packed them up, and left.  They were a hit and gone before halftime!  I loved how you got a salty and sweet taste in one bite.  The laces took awhile, but were worth the effort and I will definitely make these again during football season!

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