In honor of the Olympics kicking off today, my sister Lauren and I have come up with a “game” to be patriotic and support Team USA throughout their time in Sochi.  Presenting…


The game is simple: wear red, white, and blue everyday during the Olympics.  Since that isn’t as easy as it sounds, here are a few “rules” to help.

  1. Wear a combination of at least two patriotic colors every day, from February 6th – February 23rd.
  2. Be extra patriotic on Fridays — wear all three colors.  Also, crazy American props (gold medals, bandanas, hats) are encouraged.
  3. Stretch the colors as necessary, aka blue is not limited to just navy blue; it can encompass all shades, but must be worn with either red or white per Rule #1. If you don’t have a lot of red, white, or blue, please wear maroon or cream and wash your clothes for the sake of others 🙂
  4. Incorporate gold, silver & bronze into an outfit on medal days in support of your favorite sports or athletes.  Again, props are encouraged (brooms for curling, ice-skates, bobsled?)

Finally, take pictures!  We’ll be posting pictures of our progress and creativity on Instagram and Twitter, using the hashtag #USAdressday.  It’s a family affair: follow LaurenMolly, and I on Instagram to see what we’re up to.



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