As Susu recently blogged, we got together last Tuesday for a night of great crockpot food, some crafting, and kitty loving.  Before Tuesday, I figured out a new project to tackle and it involved chalkboard paint.

You can literally paint anything with chalkboard paint: walls, glass, wood, furniture – so I did just that.  I picked up some paint ($5 at Michael’s), and a few things I could paint.  Susu came over with her crockpot short ribs, so we finished getting dinner ready, ate, then poured some wine and sat at my table and let the creative juices flow.  Susu made a grapevine wreath and a twine wrapped bottle, while I painted with the chalkboard paint.

Fun with Chalkboard Paint

What you’ll need:

  • Chalkboard paint
  • Paint brush (size depends on what you paint)
  • Chalk
  • Things to paint!

I was most excited to paint a slice of wood with the chalkboard paint to be a little sign.  From messages, to a menu, and counting down until summer, it seemed like an easy craft.  Seriously easy.

Get the slice of wood, and apply 1 coat of paint where you want.  Let it dry for a few minutes (great time to paint something else).  Paint one more coat and then let it sit for 24+ hours before using.  SUPER easy!  I used regular chalk and made a lil Olympic themed sign for it’s first use!

Note: Chalkboard pens are wayyyy easier to make pretty signs with and what I use on this guy now.  It’s in our guest room as a welcome sign.chalk1

While the wood slice was drying I painted wine bottles, a mason jar and clay pots (that I’ll probably give Pegs because I can’t grow plants).  After we finished crafting, Cleo started loving hard on Susu and became her favorite kitty ever.chalk4Give us some ideas for the next time Crockpot Tuesday and Coastal Kelder combine..

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