Without realizing it, I have been collecting glass vases from flower arrangements that are boring, clear and typically just sit on the top of my cabinets.  One night I saw a pin for a gold dipped vase, and thought it was easy enough to try out one night and jazz up some of my vases.

Metallic Dipped Vase

What you’ll need:

  • Vase
  • Spray paint of your choice
  • Painter’s tape

Using the painter’s tape, tape off the top of the vase, about halfway up.  Make sure that the edge that will meet the paint is sealed tight to the glass, or paint will drip underneath it.  Getting the tape to be straight on a curved surface is easier said than done.  In tricker parts, I used smaller pieces of tape to keep the line pretty straight.


Spray paint the bottom of the vases with a few light coats.  I used a metallic  brilliant gold on one vase and brushed metallic satin nickel on the other to see how the different finishes would turn out.

So far the gold is my favorite since it’s a little shinier, which surprised me since I don’t have much gold in my apartment.  Try not to spray the layers too thick or it will drip (I had some fixing to do on my nickel one…).  After a few coats, I brought the vases inside and let them finish drying, under the oven fan.


When the paint is totally dried, carefully peel it off.  I had a few paint slips that I just wiped / scratched off.


Then fill your shiny, improved vase with some flowers and enjoy (or give to a friend for her bachelorette weekend)!



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