I mentioned that Susu and I got back together for another night of crockpot goodies and crafting.. well we were inspired by Erin and were aiming to create our own versions of the picture to wood project (though not as ornate or pretty). This was an experience that spanned a few weeks, I got kinda lazy and busy.

Photo to Wood Transfer

What you’ll need:

  • Mod Podge photo transfer (or matte gel)
  • Mod Podge, antique (or another) finish
  • Pictures, printed on regular computer paper
  • Wood of your choice
  • Paint brush
  • Wash cloth
  • Paint

Following Erin’s directions, I printed my pictures, and brought my supplies to Susu’s house.  After our delectable dinner, I started on the first half of the project.  Using a pencil, I marked where I wanted the pictures to go on the wood.

Paint the Mod Podge picture transfer on the side of the picture with the ink (it should be pretty white and you shouldn’t see much of the picture) and place that side down on the wood.

The next day using a sponge or wet wash cloth, saturate the picture with water.  Literally dab the picture until you can start seeing the photo appearing and it’s wet to the touch.


Then start to scrub the paper off with the wash cloth in a small circular motion.  I did this two to three times, letting it dry a little in-between, to make sure all the paper was off.  Now the photo is on the wood!


Then just decorate the wood as you like! I painted my Cleo picture a ‘graphite’ gray, edged the photos in ribbon and attempted to free hand “meow” in kulturista font (it’s a lil sloppy).


The other photo transfer I did was for one of my best friends from home, Katie’s upcoming engagement.  I printed a larger picture of their family: Katie, Kyle and their dogs Hershel and Mabel.

Since I could never decide on a color to paint or what I wanted to write on it (plus I only had a day before we went to Savannah for the surprise engagement), I went with chalkboard paint!  I painted 2 coats and let them dry over night.  Then I edged the picture with a cotton-y ribbon, added twine to hang it and wrote a note in chalk!


If you want to do any photo transfer to wood projects, let me know!  I believe coasters and candles might be in my future 🙂  Also, Plaid Online has a helpful video demo too!

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