Two and a half weeks of being homeowners down, and we haven’t burned the place down so I consider it a win!  But really.

I apologize for the lack of exciting posts, but we’ve been busy with lots of other things.  Here are some highlights, so far:

  • My spring wreath is on the front door, a SC flag is on the front patio, and patio chairs were moved to the backyard.
  • The master bedroom, bath and the guest bath are painted.  The painters also did the baseboards in the living room / kitchen and all the other rooms that were painted.
  • Garage has been cleaned, our stuff has been moved and everything is organized.
  • I’ve painted the door frames and window sills in the kitchen and living room, as well as all the trim in the guest wing. My, what a difference fresh paint makes!
  • Carpet has finally been replaced in the 3 bedrooms, thank goodness.
  • Lowe’s employees no longer ask me if I need help.
  • LOTS of pinning on Pinterest, doesn’t that count?



You can check out pictures of what’s going on in my Shutterfly album.  I’ll try to remember to update the album with pictures as we continue…  Now that the carpet is in, we’ll start moving our stuff.  Hopefully we can be completely out of Paces Watch soon!

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