At the same time all of this house packing and moving has been going on, I’ve been working on a project at work that went live this past Friday (busy doesn’t even describe my life right now). is a live video streaming tool that allows users to stream events in their life with anyone around the world.  For example, I could live stream our upcoming house warming party, and anyone who couldn’t make it or was interested in checking out the house could watch live on their computer — I could just share my stream’s link or you could find it on a map!

We went live with the alpha version of the mobile and web app this Friday night at a Dig South concert that we sponsored.  Things got a little stressful last week, but we managed to get everything working and “live” an hour before the event started, and all the tvs at the concert streamed attendees videos.  The feedback we received was great, so now it’s onto the next version and a bigger go-live event.

My view next to the stage

Check out online, download the app in the App Store (sorry Android users, your app is coming soon), and maybe you’ll see some of my streams.  And I promise some more crafts and recipes will be coming soon!

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