About a month ago a friend of mine, Elaine, reached out to me about an idea she had for her flower shop, Frampton’s Flowers, and wanted to see if I could help her out.  “Wine and Design” parties have become fairly popular — you are walked through how to paint a particular scene, while drinking and snacking with your friends.  Her idea was to learn how to arrange flowers with your friends, with a drink in hand, and then at the end of the night you go home with a beautiful vase of flowers that you put together.  So this past Monday night, we were Elaine’s guinea pigs..

When we first got to Frampton’s we laid out our spread of snacks and wine on a counter and chatted until everyone got there.  Elaine took us to the back where she had stations for all of us set up, and explained her hopes for this.  Then, we learned the basics about flower arranging.  We started by creating a grid with thin tape on the top of the vase to help hold the arrangement together — makes total sense, right?


Then we began to build the arrangement, piece by piece.  Elaine explained what the different flowers and plants were, why they were used and where to place them for a well balanced arrangement.  We even got to use a “Rose thorn stripper” tool — I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty cool, although I was kinda nervous to use it at the same time.


Elaine had it set up so we could choose different colors of the same flower, or similar flowers, so each of our arrangements was slightly different.   We each choose ribbon for a bow, and then had a new centerpiece to show off!  She asked us for some feedback about the class, and I think we’ll all be back at Frampton’s for another class soon.  Plus the arrangement was a great addition to the messy house that we just moved into!



If you’re interested in doing a flower arranging class, let Elaine know!  You can check out Frampton’s website for more details about Sip ‘n Design — and the models look pretty good, dontcha think?

Thanks Elaine & Frampton’s Flower


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