I’ve reallllllly been slacking lately, but I guess that’s what happens when work and a house take precedence over posting to a blog… Anyways, over Easter weekend I headed back to Georgia for my best friend Kirstin’s surprise engagement party.  Her sisters and I have been planning it for a few months, but naturally I left some of my chores until the last minute..

Kirstin and Tim love photo booths, so we wanted to create our own booth for guests to take photos in.  Erica made a backdrop (tied fabric around twine – genius!) and provided the camera, so it was up to me to get all the props.  Since the party had a “rustic” theme, I decided to see what wooden shapes I could find at Michael’s and paint them to fit our theme.  Alas, another super easy and super personalized craft…

Homemade Photo Booth Props

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden shapes / props
  • Paint of your choice

I found some props at Michael’s — a wooden frame, mustache, hearts, bow tie, a huge letter K, and a few pieces of wood.  Since I was a little behind on getting the props all together, I packed them and a bag of paint up and brought it to Georgia to finish.

After dinner with my grandma Rollene the night before the party, we set up two painting and drying tables covered in trash bags so I could work without getting paint on her nice furniture, and then I got to painting.. Photo props1 The mustache was easy to do in solid black, and I did the same to the hearts, in red and pink.  I painted the bow tie red, and one coat of chalkboard paint on the bigger rectangular piece so they could start drying and get another coat in an hour.

My favorite prop was the wooden frame that I painted a minty – teal.  Since the wood showed through some after the first coat, I did a second on that one too.  While I was painting this one, Freddie Freeman hit a home run… oh yeah, go Braves!

Photo props 2

Overall I painted a few hearts, their wedding date, a big chalkboard, a polka dotted bow tie, a mustache, a pair of glasses, the frame, and a big K for the Kirkpatricks. However, as I mentioned this was a little last minute and I forgot to take an after picture of all the props, even the mint frame that I really liked.  Instead, I leave you with a picture of the wonderful couple in the photo booth, with a few of the props! 133

Another plus: the props that weren’t taken or broken by the little ones running around, will be making an appearance in the photo booth at the wedding — yay recycling!  So for about $10, you can make custom props for a photo booth!


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