Since I haven’t been making any new meals lately, I’ll start telling you about some restaurants we’ve been trying near us.  This past Friday night, Lauren, TJ, Hunter and I tried out Obstinate Daughter, the newest restaurant on Sullivan’s Island.  Their name comes from a battle at Sullivan’s Island in 1776, which was one of the first American victories against the British.  After the victory, a political cartoon in London labeled the Charleston defenders:  “Miss Carolina Sulivan, one of the obstinate daughters of America, 1776.”

I never went to Atlanticville, the previous tenant of the building, but apparently the owners did a great job updating everything and making an unique dining space.  I personally loved the reclaimed wood on the walls and ceiling, the cool rope lights and an old map on the wall.  Basically I was sold on the restaurant by the decor alone…

obstinate daughterWe didn’t have reservations (rookie mistake since they just opened), but the hostess was awesome and asked us to wait a few minutes while she worked her magic and got us a table.  We grabbed a spot at the bar and ordered some drinks.  Lauren and TJ had been that Sunday, so they knew what to order (dark and stormy’s are on tap, plus a great wine list), but the bartender Carlos was knowledgeable and hilarious as well.

We were seated at our table and I started drooling over the menu.  I didn’t even look at the starters because I was honed in on the pizza and pasta.  Any kind of pizza with a farm egg on it is hard to beat for me, but the pappardelle won out this time.  I loved the combination of the fat pasta, homemade sausage, tomato and basil.  Hunter got the gnocchi with short rib which was so creamy and delicious. I loved mine, but his was my favorite of the night.

obstinate daughter_2

Lauren got the bucatini which was like a thicker spaghetti, with a spicy kick.  TJ went with a special for the night — soft shell crab.  It’s not in season long, so you have to grab it when you can (unless you have a shellfish allergy..)!  We all sampled each others’ meals before TJ and Hunter scarfed down their plates.

I highly recommend Obstinate Daughter!  All of the staff were very personable and super helpful, the food was delicious, and the ambiance was perfect.  We will definitely be back soon, so if you want to go, let me know!

Update: We’ve been another 5 times with friends and family, and I still can’t speak highly enough about the food!  Their pastas are always a great choice, especially with the homemade sausage.  I’ve never had something that wasn’t good – This is definitely one of my favorite spots!

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