For some reason the circuit breaker in our house is in the hallway to the master… which is right across from the laundry room.  Why they couldn’t just put it in the laundry room baffles me, but they didn’t and we had this huge, painted metal door in the hallway instead.

As I have mentioned before, Hunter’s dad is not only talented, but very creative.  He recently redid an upscale laundry room (like Pottery Barn, my dream) and there was an ugly circuit breaker in there that he covered, so he made 2 coverings – one for us, and one for the client.  Saturday morning he came by the house and the breaker was covered in a matter of minutes!

Check this awesomeness out: it’s both a bulletin board…


…And a circuit breaker framed in crown molding, and sealed closed with magnets. Beautiful.

door2 door1

And with a few letters, push pins, pictures and bills (ugh), it’s functional!  Thank goodness for Hunter’s dad, his creative ideas and the quick turnaround. Now we have a useful piece hiding the ugliness, but still have easy access to the breaker when we need it.  Magical!


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