It might seem as though I’ve just been eating lately (which is 100% true) and not “crafting” any, but I do have some projects up my sleeve.. In the mean time, I’ll tell you about another great restaurant Hunter and I went to for our anniversary, Coda del Pesce.  The first time we actually ate at Coda del Pesce was when Lauren, Darren and mom were in town last July for Lauren’s 30th birthday and LOVED it, so I was excited to go back for another exciting night.

Hunter ordered a bottle of white wine and we looked over the menu while also enjoying the view and checking out the food being served to the tables next to us.  We both skipped antipasti since we were hungry and wanted to jump to the main event.

Warning: Because I’ve been slacking in the blog department and didn’t write this right after we ate last week, I totally forgot the names of the dishes we ate (their menu changes daily).  Also, I’ve turned into my sister and take pictures of the delicious food I eat.

Anyways, I ordered the {insert Italian name here} pasta with duck sausage, topped with basil and parmesan — all homemade.  I hate to say I typically can’t finish an entire entre, but I definitely did that night.  You can’t beat homemade pasta, and this was just delicious.

coda 1

Obviously I forgot what Hunter ordered, but it involved an assortment of seafood and pasta and was gone in a matter of minutes.  We decided to class it up and order dessert at Coda instead of stopping at TCBY on the way home (guilty pleasure) and got these little hot crescents of dough filled with ricotta, topped with powdered sugar and served with fresh strawberries.  We liked it so much I could barely get a picture before Hunter finished his first crescent.

coda 2


Basically, if you want some delicious, fresh and local Italian, with a view of the water, head to Coda del Pesce on Isle of Palms!  It’s a completely different vibe than every other spot on the main drag of IOP…

And cheers to another year with this guy!

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