Since you’d think we’re all settled in by the outside of the house, yet I have nothing to show on the inside of ze casa (besides some bedding we finally ordered), I’ll share some lessons learned from working in the yard..

1. Most plants just need regular watering to live

In my 26 years I’ve learned that I can’t keep healthy plants alive, let alone dying plants.  After Pegs helped us with the yard, she transplanted some lantana which was struggling and my goal was to bring it back to life.  Somehow I did this simply by watering it a little extra everyday — I didn’t even cheat with MiracleGro.  Mom even suggested that I replaced it when I told her it was green and flowering again. Who knew that a little water would go a long way?


2. Wear gloves

I didn’t think this was that important, except to keep your hands clean, until I was digging in the dirt and there was a snake — A real, gross, squirming snake.  Granted it was probably 8″ long at most, but I learned a valuable lesson.   That and some plants have thorns and make you itch. No bueno.

3. Don’t be afraid of cutting plants back

Needless to say once some of these plants really started growing, I was terrified to do anything that might lead to them dying.  Some plants grew to the point that they took over other plants or even the sidewalk.  When I finally asked Pegs about it (I’m sure she laughed first) she reassured me that I wouldn’t kill them and it was probably good for them.  So whether it’s bushes, shrubs, flowers or small plants (I’m so great at names), it’s ok to cut them back, and usually helps “dead head” them so there will be more blooms or the plants will grow more.


4. Plants grow, a lot.

Turns out plants just keep growing, even if you go on vacation, or cut everything back the day before.  Sometimes it’s nice, but it’s also super frustrating when you do some massive weeding and two days later you can’t tell a difference.  Hunter and I will spend about 30 min a day watering, weeding, pruning, etc to keep the yard looking good.  Sometimes it’s annoying to continuously take care of the yard, but sometimes it’s therapeutic, seriously.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 10.50.38 PM

5. If all else fails, get succulents

Like I said I’ve killed many a plant in my day, and am still pretty nervous that I will kill everything in my yard right now.  I fell in love with the lil succulents recently, and learned that they should be impossible to kill.  Only time will tell, but so far, so good.  So if my yard gets brown… just look in the kitchen window, where my succulents should be thriving.

I don’t know much about gardening, but I’m learning thanks to Pegs and Google!  And if I can keep some plants alive, so can you…


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