This past weekend Hunter and I ventured up to Boston, to visit Lauren and Darren, and also see Meaghan and PJ (and honestly escape the heat for a weekend).  Before continuing, I have to mention that it was Hunter’s first time above the Mason Dixon line, because it’s too funny not to point out.

Since we went to a concert Thursday night, we left on a 6am flight Friday morning (remind me never to do that again) in order to spend a full day there.  Meaghan and PJ picked us up from the airport, then we grabbed food and parked by the Boston Common to explore the city. PJ mentioned he hadn’t been a tourist in his hometown in 15 years, so he was probably thrilled to walk around the common, public garden, through Beacon Hill, and North End in the rain before we stopped for lunch on the water.



The weather kinda sucked after that, but we kept exploring and had a local beer in one of the 10th oldest bars in the country, met up with Lauren, then made our way to their apartment by MGH.

Friday night we enjoyed dinner in the North End at a cute Italian place.  My dish had bacon, broccoli and pasta — so obviously I was sold.  After a full day of travel, exploring and big dinner, we slept great that night.

We started Saturday by sightseeing on Harvard’s campus and getting some smart people swag.  Then we headed toward the harbor to Harpoon Brewery‘s tasting room.  This is actually the 4th brewery we’ve all done together, so it seems like we have a family trend.. We had a few different flights of UFO and Harpoon beers, plus some homemade pretzels to warm us up for baseball.


IMG_2513img_2511 img_2517

The Redsox game was at 4:00pm and we got there a little early to walk around, get food and try to get a baseball (I failed).  We did hit all the high points at the game though: Fenway franks, Sweet Caroline and listening to the thick accents.

Sadly the Redsox didn’t win — they even walked in the winning run, but it was a fun game in a unique atmosphere and I knocked something off my bucket list!

img_2533 img_2537


On the walk home we stopped at Boston Burger Company, which has been featured on a few Food Network shows.  Let’s just say we now know why.. My burger, the Mac Attack, was topped in mac n cheese and bacon — holy deliciousness.


Darren got the artery clogger (ironic since he’s a doctor) and Hunter got the Hot Mess, which all lived up to their name.  We needed to walk home after that, but it was very tasty!  As if the burgers weren’t enough, we stopped for ice cream too before the food comas set in.



We caught our flight Sunday morning and headed back down south to be welcomed by 100 degree heat…  Boston, we’ll be back again soon!

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