I made it.  After a month of travel, I got to finally spend a weekend at home, before the craziness continues for the 4th of July.  I’m also sure my company was happy to see me in the office on a Friday for once.  Time for a recap:

Greenville, SC

Hunter and I headed to Greenville to celebrate his Clemson roommate’s marriage!  John and Lindsey are the first friends of his that I really met, so they have a special place in my heart (plus they’re just awesome).  Hunter was in the wedding so we headed up early for all the wedding festivities.  I also got to see uncle Mark play tennis during the day on Saturday.  Side note, a great band makes a hugeeee difference — we danced the night away!


Hilton Head, SC

Yep, the annual Elder trip to Hilton Head was in June and we were thrilled that Lauren could make it, and made it a full family affair with her mother in law, Christa, and Christa’s sister, Connie.  The 5 of us had too much fun on the beach, but mainly eating everything in sight at the delicious dinners.  And maybe we got a good laugh or two at some funny stories… Love our family, Hyatts & Elders!


Boston, MA

Well you already know about Boston, but it was a great trip.  Plus it was the first time Hunter and I flew together, so we know we can survive all types of transportation, which is good since we love traveling.  Thanks again to Lauren and Meaghan for making it so much fun!


Nashville, TN

Lastly, all of Kirstin’s bridesmaids celebrated her bachelorette weekend in Nashville!  Kirstin is one of my best friends from home, and I basically grew up with her family, so it’s always going to be a great time with the Massmanns.  We had so much fun playing in Nashville and getting to all hang out before the big day in August.  And I got home just in time for the USA soccer game..

kirstin bach2

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun, but have enjoyed being back in Charleston for a weekend and putting my suitcase away..


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