Between the World Cup, 4th of July, and an American themed company annual meeting, I have been sporting all sorts of red, white, and blue lately (USA dress day, anyone?), and so has our house.  Here are some easy ways to up your patriotism for the 4th, or the US game today.

Flags, and bunting everywhere on the porch and in pots.

Flags in hanging baskets

A few American bandanas from the company meeting became a makeshift runner (since I couldn’t find one I loved or had time to make one).

Star(fish) and stripes

If your wardrobe is lacking in the patriotic department, Old Navy and Target always have something.

You can never go wrong with America shoes

And if all else fails, pull out the US soccer jersey, wrap a bandana around your head and put on your America shades and hat.  These colors don’t run.

USA jerseys at SPARC

Happy 4th of July and good luck USA! #IBelieveThatWeWillWin

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