This weekend we are gearing up for our second round of guests in the house (sorry Mom, I didn’t count you since you helped us move).  We have learned that there’s nothing like having friends stay with you to make you get more things done around the place!  The week before Holly and Charles David visited, we hung so many things, bought some furniture, and finally took the living room TV off the chair it was sitting on.

As I have mentioned, we still have a lot of work to do to finish getting the house together, but the guest room is the most put together.  Here are some small things we’ve done to make our guests feel at home..

Basic Contact & Wifi Information

I mean it is 2014, so everyone wants to know your wifi password to play on their smart phone or iPad..   I made a small graphic that includes our address, phone numbers and wifi information that is framed and next to the bed.  Let me know if you like it and I can email you the template I created to make your own! On that note, make sure outlets by the bed aren’t all being used so people can charge their phones.

Extra Toiletries

I’m the traveller that always forgets toothpaste and shampoo, and I saw a bunch of pins about getting toiletries together for guests, so I knew it was something I would do in our guest bathroom.  For about $15 (including the basket) I was able to get all sorts of travel size items that a guest might need.  Next time you’re at a hotel, take the unused samples for your guest basket and save some dough!



This is probably the Southerner in me, but you can’t be a good host without having something to snack on.  Typically I like to have a dip or salsa and freshly cut fruit in the fridge, bottled water, chips, and anything prepackaged and easy to take on the road.  And, of course, beer and wine are already in the fridge..

Reading Material

Although I love sleeping in, if you’re visiting someone you always wonder if they’re already up so you don’t sleep in too late.  Make sure your guests have something to read if they’re up and bored.  Thanks to Rollene, I have some Charleston and beach related reads (A Short History of Charleston is definitely worth the read), as well as the College of Charleston magazine, Fast Company and plenty of Pottery Barn catalogs.


Spare Key & Clean Sheets

This seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes I’ll run around last minute making sure all the sheets and towels are clean and there are hangers in the closet.  If your guests aren’t on your schedule during their stay, make sure they have a spare key and any security codes, so they don’t feel too dependent on you. Bonus: Chocolates on the pillow, but don’t expect that at our place.guests2

Well the door at 2433 is open, so let us know when you want to visit!  And stay tuned for information on our upcoming house warming / college football kickoff party

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