This is the first part of my latest art project.. and the really easy part.  I actually got this idea from Lauren — after she married Darren and they moved up to Boston, she did a few things to make their apartment home-y and bring family with them up north.  Since the kitchen is the where everyone congregates, I wanted to add a little Elder / Pfeiffer / Wilds / Bullock to the room.

Framing Family Recipes

What you’ll need:

  • Frame – I got a float frame (glass on both sides) from Michael’s so I could read the back of the recipes if I needed to.
  • Your favorite family recipes, especially if they are handwritten.


I asked my grandparents and Hunter’s grandparents to write down their favorite family recipes and mail them back on the recipe cards I sent.  It was really interesting to see which recipes were sent back and the stories behind those recipes.  A cool bonus was that Hunter’s grandparents sent back some other recipes that his great-grandparents wrote, and I found some from my Uncle Bill in the recipe box he made me.

Once I had all of the recipe cards, I organized them in the frame. This is a good time to note that my “messy” way of putting them together was too much for Hunter, so I compromised and they’re lined up straight-ish (Another lesson in buying a house together: compromise on decor).  You could also add custom cut outs or sayings into the frame like “family,” but I had a lot of recipes to work with and didn’t need to.

recipe frame

Ta-da!  Part 2 to the project, I’ll mount them to the wall with a boat cleat and rope — wish me luck..


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