This past weekend I headed down to South Beach for a long weekend to celebrate Kristen’s bachelorette party!  14 of the 15 girls were all Adpi’s at Cofc and most of us were in the same pledge class (#pc06).  This was our first bachelorette weekend out of our group of friends, and boy was it memorable…

Lauren, Catherine and I were the last girls to get to Miami on Thursday night since we worked that day and our flight got in later than originally anticipated.  Once we got to the hotel and changed, we met the girls at the surf bar at SLS hotel.  Talk about an entrance — we walked right up to our group receiving a bottle of Magnum Veuve champagne, complete with lights and a trail of waitresses bringing it out.  The weekend had begun.

We all woke up early Friday morning and went straight to the pool to get some sun and enjoy the beautiful day.  It was pretty hot, so we spent half of the time in one of the several pools, and enjoyed lunch at the restaurant by the pool, La Cote. We also got a picture of everyone in their tanks and sunglasses on the beach.


Friday night we ate at The Social Club at the Surfcomber Hotel, which was a tapas place.  We enjoyed lots of small dishes before taking a full group photo and heading to Mansion.


Saturday was another pool day — it rained in the morning which ended up being nice because it cooled down some and we didn’t have to get in the pool every 15 minutes.  There was a water slide in a kids area that we had fun going down — We were definitely older than all the other kids in line, by 20 years, but why not have fun?

Saturday night we walked over to Cecconi’s in the Soho Beach House for dinner.  Since there were 15 of us and Saturday night in South Beach is a hard place to find reservations,  we had a set three course meal.  First of all, the restaurant is in a courtyard, with trees lit up and lights hanging, so it was beautiful…


Secondly, the food – oh my goodness. We ate like kings.  Our appetizers included a watermelon-cucumber salad, meatballs, and salmon tartare.  Entrees were shrimp and steak, and we have key lime pie and tiramisu (and grapefruit sorbet for the nut allergy kids) for dessert.  This also included a round of drinks from Mr. Fasano where Kristen made a toast and started crying because she was so happy.  Afterwards we headed back to the Fountainbleau and went to LIV.


Sunday morning, we hopped on a place and headed back to Charleston before Hurricane Bertha messed up travel plans.  We had such a great time together — I haven’t laughed that much in awhile.  Can’t wait for the big day in September and for us to be back together again!


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