I don’t think this is worth an entire post, but while I wait on my curtain fabric to be delivered, I’ll talk about some of the nautical and beachy ways we’ve decorated the house thus far.  Can you tell we live <5 miles from the beach and love being on water?

My favorite and most recent project was figuring out what to do with the buoys Lauren and Pegs sent me from Maine.  Once I confirmed they could go outside and were weather proof, I thought of different spots to hang them and ended up using the tree outside our back door and by the garage.  Each buoy had a rope loop at the top, so I tied them to another strand of rope, draped them around the tree, and tied it off.


The front door sets the tone of our house with my current wreath for summer — driftwood and starfish.


Anthropology had the cutest measuring spoons and cups, so not only did they have to be mine, but they had to be on my counter instead of hidden in a drawer.  Who doesn’t want to use cute seahorses and whales when cooking?  Thanks to Samantha for giving us the whale cups 🙂


 A perk of living by the water is an abundance of seashells.  We have collected so many seashells and sand dollars, so they are EVERYWHERE in the house (or eventually will be everywhere when everything is finally unpacked).

A favorite collection of mine is in a basket on a table.  These shells, starfish, and coral are from Hawaii to Florida.  They are on the table by an old glass buoy I found at a local antique shop.

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Possibly the easiest change from the apartment to the house was getting a few new pillows for the couch that are a little lighter and match the other decor.  You probably aren’t surprised at the ones we liked..


One of my favorite pieces I own is an old green glass jug that Rollene bought when she lived in Italy while my dad grew up.  It’s been through a lot and now has made the move to the house.  I put a starfish in top, and placed it by a huge lantern and monkey knot to give the fireplace a lil attention.


Lastly, a gallery wall.  I put a small gallery wall up in the guest hallway that includes a ship’s wheel, mounted sand dollars, reclaimed wooden frames from Celadon, and a watercolor map of downtown Charleston.


If you have any other ideas or knick knacks you think I’d like, let me know!  I still have several things to find a home for (like the beautiful driftwood sailboat from Molly), but it’s a start and we’ve definitely found the “identity” of the house that we both love.


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