Driftwood Curtain Rod

If you can’t tell from any of these posts, our house has a coastal vibe.  Well one night after dinner on Sullivan’s Island, Hunter and I were walking on the beach and found this awesome piece of driftwood, so we took it back to the apartment and knew we’d use it for something unique one day.  Today is that day.

Note: I had hoped to get this project done about 3 months ago, but trying to find the curtains in real life that matched the image of curtains in my mind has been quite challenging (15+ stores with no luck).   Finally I gave up, and had to order fabric to make my own custom curtains instead — which is another post altogether..

 DIY Driftwood Curtain Rod

What you’ll need:

  • Driftwood
  • Wooden curtain rod brackets — I ended up ordering some online, because Lowe’s didn’t have the size / color I needed.
  • Screws / wall anchors – luckily my brackets came with all the hardware for the job.
  • Curtains
  • Drill


When the day finally came that I had fabric and finished the curtains, I had waited so long to put these up that I was going to have the project done the next morning.  As I was making the curtains, I measured (a lot) so I figured out where I wanted to hang the brackets and rod for the curtains to hang just right.

Once measurements were made, Hunter screwed the wall anchors and then brackets into the wall, following the directions on their package.  Turns out there was a piece of wood where I wanted these hung, so it took a little longer than anticipated this morning…


Why use wall anchors?  We had already made this mistake when hanging the recipe frame from a boat cleat — you need to use wall anchors to make it sturdy, especially when hanging something heavier, like wood.


Next I just had to put the curtains on the rod, and put the rod in place with the brackets!  For the amount of time I’ve waited to have this project done, it didn’t take that long to execute.

curtains17 curtains16

 The curtains really added some homeyness to the place and I’m so happy another project is complete!



10 thoughts on “Driftwood Curtain Rod

  1. allthoughtswork says:

    I LOVE this idea. Stop reading my mind. When I get the supplies, I’m doing a bead curtain like this but with sea glass. You don’t happen to have 10,000 small pieces of drilled blue and white sea glass that you need to get rid of, do you?


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