First of all, thank you to everyone who came out this past weekend to see the new house and celebrate the kickoff to football season!  And a shout out to my friends that brought some appetizers and drinks to feed the masses — Y’all are the best.

As many of you know, we take college football pretty seriously here in the South.  Hunter and I do our best to watch the Georgia Tech, Clemson and USC games each week and share a hatred for UGA… so when we were choosing a date for the party, the Clemson / UGA game seemed like a natural choice.

Although I bought purple napkins and plates (I think orange is kinda ugly), I did make a banner to hang under the mantle — and it can be used several times during the college football season.


I also had fun putting other football touches around the house.  An easy idea is to paint some cans like footballs to hold silverware and straws.  I even brought out the burlap wreath and hung it on the door to the garage.  We also picked up some orange and purple flowers from Publix that I attempted to arrange and put around the house.


I mentioned that my friends are awesome and they are — We had so much good food.  I continually “grazed” throughout the night, snacking on whatever was closest.  The spread included a Chickfila nugget tray (duh), corn salsa, sausage dip, corn muffin dogs, Funfetti dip, bacon wrapped – pimento cheese stuffed jalapeños, cookies, proscuitto wrapped melon, tailgate sandwiches and more.  Needless to say, there was something there for everyone.  You can check out other tailgating food ideas from ze blog here!


Even though Clemson lost, I believe a fun time was had by all!  Thanks again to everyone who came and made the night so special!





Happy College Football Kickoff!


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