It was bound to happen… We had our first home issue at the end of last week, and survived.

Thursday night I was bowling downtown to support the CYDC and Hunter was on his way back from kickball when I got the “something’s wrong with the house” text and raced home to find water streaming from the attic into our living room, and part of the ceiling just hanging there.


1. Thank goodness for our home warranty plan.  Hunter immediately called them thinking we needed a plumber.  Turns out we needed an AC guy, so we called back and they were gonna have an AC guy contact us in the morning.

2. Thank goodness for awesome co-workers.  I texted my boss to say I needed to work from home the next day, which turned into getting advice of what to do.  Then I headed to our Director of Creative’s house to pick up a shop vac and extra towels (really late at night btw).  These guys were lifesavers.  And we now have our own shop vac.

3. Thank goodness for Hunter’s basic knowledge of things.  We were both in the attic shop vac-ing up water, putting towels down, messing with dry wall, and I got a basic lesson about the AC unit and the other wires when I was in the attic.

Turns out the AC drain pipe was clogged (thanks to loose filled insulation) and the drip pan overflowed into the living room.  Also turns out most units have a setting on them so that doesn’t happen; ours didn’t (but now does!).  After some issues with the first AC guy, a good one came out Saturday morning and got the unit back in shape!  Now the AC is back on, there are no clogs, leaks, or draining, the wood floors seem ok, and we just have to patch the drywall in the ceiling.


It could have been A LOT worse, but we have our first homeowner crisis under our belt..

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