While I finish up another project with my soccer stuff, I’ll continue the sports adventure, but this time I didn’t create or craft something — my mom had it made for me.  I wanted to include the jersey quilt in my sports themed posts because 1. it just fits, and 2. it will be displayed in the office, on a rocking chair.

As you would expect, I collected a variety of jerseys and tournament t-shirts in 15+ years of sports.  Instead of letting them just sit in my closet or under my bed, we decided to have my favorites be made into a quilt so I could actually use it and proudly display it one day.

Jersey Quilt

What you need:

  • Your favorite jerseys / t-shirts
  • Someone with quilting experience, or a website like Quilt South.

Lucky for me, mom had a t-shirt quilt made for my sister of her favorite ADPi t-shirts, so she already had the quilting contact in Peachtree City, Mrs. Fraas.  I remember picking out my favorite soccer and volleyball jerseys and event t-shirts that I wanted included, and what part of the shirt to use.  Then mom’s friend showed us some fabrics and we came up with the color scheme.  After a week, we saw a sneak peek of the layout via email, then I opened the finished product for Christmas!




One of the more personal touches was the note from mom on the back, and then Mrs. Fraas actually stitched the words from mom’s letter into the quilt — if you look closely you can read them.


The quilt basically sums up my childhood through high school and all the great teams I was on and awesome places we played, so I’m happy to finally have a place for the quilt – Thanks Pegs!

Now hopefully it will stop raining so I can spray paint some stuff after work!


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