We’ve made it — this is the last post from my sports display theme / office project!  We’ve gone through autographed jerseys, patches & medals, trophies, and more jerseys, yet I still had more stuff — LOTS of t-shirts. Even as a kid, I was quite proud of the t-shirt collection I had, and that didn’t change as I got older.  When we moved to the house, I “went through” my t-shirts and tried to get rid of some (basically I had a massive keep pile, and a small throw away pile, and Hunter questioned 80% of the keep pile..), but was still somewhat unsuccessful.

Needless to say it’s extremely hard for me to get rid of t-shirts and I have plenty from the last 10 years.  Luckily, I saw this idea of how to keep and display realllllly important t-shirts that you can’t throw away, but they’re too special to even wear and wash again.  Now the hard part was deciding on just one, maybe two t-shirts to proudly display.

Displaying Favorite T-shirts

What you’ll need:

  • That special t-shirt you love so much
  • Scissors
  • Canvas
  • Stapler


Deciding which t-shirt to display took over 50% of the time to finish this craft, seriously.  I had my dad’s Peachtree Road race t-shirt from the year we ran it together that I knew I wanted to use (if I didn’t do something with it, I’m sure Pegs would have).  I also found an Atlanta Beat t-shirt with the team’s autographs from back in the day when our soccer team were ball girls for them.  I’ll need a bigger canvas for that that I don’t have handy, so today it’s just the Peachtree Road race tee.

To get started, buy a canvas that fits the amount of t-shirt you want to display.  I got an 11×14 canvas from Hobby Lobby for the Peachtree Road race tee.  Then lay the shirt out on top of the canvas to see how you want to arrange the shirt.


Once I knew what part of the t-shirt I wanted “framed,” I cut a lot of the extra fabric off, so it wouldn’t just hang off the canvas.  Then I stapled once in each corner, to hold it in place, while I slowly worked my way around the outside.  In the corners, I gathered the fabric and folded it, then stapled, so it was somewhat flat, yet sturdy.


Once I made my way around the canvas, I was just about done!  The last thing I did was cut any extra fabric that was still hanging off the back of the canvas.  Fifteen minutes later, your favorite shirt is ready to hang.



I am debating giving the canvas a more finished look by framing it, but am still undecided.  What do you think?

Now everything is ready to hang… once we get a desk and some shelves :/



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