As much as I like the wreath I made for fall last year, I was kinda over it and wanted to make something different for this year — new house, new decorations?  And as I’ve mentioned before, there’s nothing like having people over to light a fire under your butt and get stuff done around the house, and that something is hosting Supper Club in early October.  Granted our Supper Club is kinda casual, but some new people were coming over and I wanted the place to look cute and somewhat season appropriate!  Also, I ended up going in a more fall direction, because it seemed more efficient to have a wreath that would last through Thanksgiving.

Spanish Moss Wreath

What you’ll need:

  • Foam wreath. I got a flat, 16″ one
  • Bag of spanish moss
  • Floral U-Pins
  • Mini, fake gourds
  • Raffia


This is a somewhat quick wreath to make (which is always awesome), and I completed it after happy hour with friends one night.  Also good to know, the spanish moss is realllll messy, so clear off an area to work at that you don’t mind covering in moss remnants — and have a vacuum handy.

There’s no real direction here, but slowly take strands (?) of the moss and attach them to the foam wreath using the U-pins.  Make sure you can’t see the foam peeking through, and don’t forget to cover the outside and inside of the wreath.  I held it up to see if anything was falling off, and tried to check that you couldn’t see white on any sides.  Eventually it’ll all be filled in and look something like this:


Then I attached the fake gourds to the wreath… which was a little tricky.  I used the rest of the U-pins since they worked well with the moss, but it was hard to put the pins through the bottom, without being seen from the front, and have enough pin to stick out and go into the foam.

Somehow I got 7 gourds attached, but we’ll see how long they stay attached — I’m a little nervous about them falling off.


Lastly I attached a raffia bow to the top!  Since I’m not a bow person, I just went with the “how you tie your shoe” bow, and stuck it in top of the wreath.


Let there be fall at 2433!


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