Mummy Mason Jars

So I have these candy corn mason jars that I just put out, but they seemed lonely, and I have been in the easy & cheap Halloween craft mood, so what do ya know.. I was on Pinterest and saw a cool idea.  On my way home one day I stopped by Target and Hobby Lobby to grab the few items I didn’t have and finished it after dinner.

Halloween Mummy Mason Jars

What you’ll need:

  • Mason jars
  • Roll of gauze
  • Googly eyes
  • Hot glue gun

Time it — This seriously takes like 15 minutes, max.  Start by rolling some gauze around a mason jar to see how much you will need and then cut it.  The gauze I got was  thicker than I imagined (hospital grade apparently), so I stretched it out to make it a little thinner and more translucent.

Starting at the top, use the hot glue gun to attach one end of the gauze and then wrap it around the jar to the bottom and hold in place with more hot glue.  For the two smaller jars, I cut a strip of gauze into 2 skinnier strips, and wrapped around toward the bottom where it looked like it needed another layer.

I added a little more glue around the top and bottom to make sure the gauss didn’t move too much.  The site I saw used Modge Podge on top of the gauze to completely seal it in, but I kinda liked some of the gauze sticking off.


Then just attach the googly eyes on top where you want them!  I put some tea lights in them to light later, and placed them around the house.



Hunter thought they were ghosts, but hey.. both are Halloween related right?

Update: I still pull these lil guys out every fall and put around the house!




5 thoughts on “Mummy Mason Jars

  1. Tyraenna says:

    You should have asked for some googley eyes – you could have had some of the ones I found in my craft room during the cleaning spree! LOL These guys are super cute 🙂 Nice job!


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