Now that it’s *slightly* cooler, I’ve finished some projects, and it’s closer to Supper Club night, I’m pulling more fall stuff out to decorate the place.  It’s so much more fun having more space and places to decorate in the house, than the small apartment that was dark and dated.  I’m kinda worried about the crafting I’ll do now that I have space (and Hunter probably is too)..

The candy corn mason jars are back, but with candles in lieu of the fake purple flowers from last year.  This year they’re placed around the living room and kitchen instead of being the centerpiece on my table, mixed in with some owl candle holders I found a few years back, and the new mummy mason jars.



I’ve also found homes for the coastal pumpkins around the house — on tables, the mantle and in the kitchen.  I just need a few real little pumpkins to mix in with them.



I also brought out my beer and pretzel nutcracker from Munich in honor of Oktoberfest!  Mom and Lauren probably remember how much I wanted this lil guy…


Michael’s has this awesome smelling potpourri that I loved last year, so I picked up some this year and put it in my lil crab bowls from Pottery Barn which are now around the house.


Lastly, I can’t forget the newest wreath.  I’ve found the moss sheds a little bit if you open / shut the front door a lot, but lucky for us we typically use the back entrance.


Next on the list: Recipes for Supper Club and carving pumpkins!

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