Since it’s officially October, I feel like I can start figuring out what to carve my pumpkin this year.  Growing up we had some AWESOME pumpkins — not just amateur hour with simple faces.  Dad would help us carve fancy ones, using shaving techniques and such.  I still remember a GT Buzz, a patriotic one after 9/11, and even Spongebob, which used ping pong balls as his eyes.

Alien Kelley with Buzz circa ’98
US soccer players, w/ SMHS panther pumpkin circa ’99

My love for carving pumpkins didn’t change in college, and I carved a pumpkin every year.  Sadly I don’t have pictures of all the pumpkins, but here are some of my creations.  You might notice a theme..

SC palmetto flag, 2007
Ramblin Wreck, 2009
In honor of Bobby Cox, 2010
#RiseUp Falcons, 2011
Starfish & Pelican, 2013

I’ve already decided on a “nerdy” one for the SPARC competition, but does anyone have an idea of what I can carve this year for the house?  I need help!

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