Back to some wine cork crafts!  Hunter and I had collected another solid amount of corks, and I wanted to spice up some of the stuff we were making for Erin & Gibb’s engagement party, so I decided to use wine corks and make a giant C for Clark.  This is another straight forward, and pretty easy week night craft.

Wine Cork Letters

What you’ll need:

  • Lots of wine corks
  • Knife
  • Thick letter of your choice, made of wood or something sturdy
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spray paint


Before I really got started, I decided to spray paint the letter gold because Erin loves that color, and any cracks between corks won’t be as noticeable with gold showing through instead of white.

Once the letter is dry and you have the other supplies, decide how you’ll arrange the corks on the letter: the circle ends, a slice longways, or a combination.  It’s up to personal preference, but it’s good to have that figured out before you start so you can prep the corks.  Cut the corks how you want and begin to arrange them on the letter.

Tip: Soak the corks in hot water for 10+ minutes to make them easier to cut, and this keeps them from crumbling.  Surprisingly enough, this is key to making the cutting of corks wayyyyy easier if you don’t have a super sharp knife (I learned the hard way before switching my ways).


So once the corks are cut,  arrange them on the letter how you like.  I tried mixing mine up so it wasn’t the same, but think a uniform look would be pretty too.  Then just glue down the wine cork pieces in their place and you’re done!

You can hang the letter by itself, put it with a wreath, or prop it up somewhere like a shelf.  The letter I got from Michael’s has a cut out on the back to easily hang it on a wall, so it’s versatile for decorating at the party and at their home.


Another wine cork project down, and another task off my list for the engagement party!

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