This past Saturday it snowed in SC!  Not Charleston, but from the Columbia area and up there was light snow, so the state got their first real dose of fall and winter.  Since we pulled out the fleece, and turned off the AC, I thought it might be time to update the house and yard once more.

I started outside mainly because the mums in the planters by the fire pit had already bloomed and were’t really pretty anymore..  Those guys were moved to the side of the house in hopes that they’ll come back next year.  Master Gardener Pegs suggested pansies since they are great in cold weather and also like sunlight.  I planted 3 different types of pansies in the planters: purple, purple & white, and blue & yellow (those are clearly the scientific names).


While at Lowe’s, I also got some purple and white pansies that I put in my hanging baskets with the red petunias.  Hopefully these guys will bring some life back to the baskets!


After Friday night, it was time to put away Halloween decor and try not to put up Christmas stuff… It was hard, but I have to wait at least 3 weeks to break out my favorite seasonal stuff.  I have to say I had blast giving out candy to trick or treaters for the first time and seeing all the costumes.  Some of my neighbors really liked my pumpkin too!

halloweenSince it was pretty cold, we decided to light our first fire in the house!  We cleaned up the fireplace, brought in some wood and got fireplace tools before relaxing in front of it with a glass of wine and a book.  Cleo’s not so sure about the fire yet, but spent the better part of the weekend checking it out.

house02We also did some more home shopping and antiquing this weekend (we’re so old).  While at Nadeau we found some awesome side tables and put them in the master.  We have bought furniture every time we go to Nadeau, I just love what they have!  Now I need to print some pictures for the frames..

house01A typical sports-less night for me consists of working on random crafts I’ve started, and Sunday night was no exception.  There was lots of spray painting and hot glueing for the 4+ projects I’m currently in the middle of. And yes, my dining table looks like this 90% of the time (but I’ll clean it up when Pegs is here).


Next on the home list: Revamp the fire pit area in hopes of hosting an oyster roast soon!  Cheers to fall!

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