As mentioned before, Hunter and I collect wine corks in a big vase and once it fills up, I find places for the corks or else make some stuff!  The biggest wine cork project so far has been the Wine Cork Christmas Tree — That took a lot of corks and patience to finally finish.  Here are some other crafts you can do with extra wine corks.  The best part: for most of these crafts, you’ll just need wine corks and a hot glue gun.


The corkster, or wine cork coaster, is easy to make and an unique take on a place for your drinks.  You’ll just need 8 corks (of about the same size and width) and a hot glue gun.  Glue corks together in sets of 2.  Then attach one set of corks to another, top to side.

Before attaching with the glue, make sure that the corks lie flat on a table, so the corkster isn’t wobbly.  Continue with the other 2 sets until you have a square corkster!




This came about because I had basic black, flat magnets, but wanted to attach them to something so they were easy to use on the fridge.  Just simply glue the magnet to a cork and in 15 seconds, you have a cuter magnet!  These are great for showing off unique corks.


Picture Frame

I had previously cut some wine corks for the monogram letter I made for an engagement party, so I used the extras (and cut some more) to glue on the frame of a picture frame that was outdated.  With some spray paint, glue, corks and a more recent picture, it looked like new.  Make sure to boil your corks to make them easy to slice!


Lantern / Vase Filler

After I bought my big lantern, I needed something to fill in around the candle, and the corks seemed perfect!  They give the lantern a bit of a natural feel and a new texture, and can easily be put back in place when I open the door to light the candle.



Cork Trivet

This idea on Pinterest stuck out because I liked the Herringbone layout, and knew it’d be easy to finish in one sitting.  Plus you can never have too many trivets when lots of people bring hot dishes over!

Arrange the corks in a Herringbone pattern, then start in a corner and glue the corks together.  It won’t be perfect since all corks aren’t the same, but it’ll be unique!




Now I’m out of corks!  You can find all of my wine cork crafts here.  What have you done with your leftover wine corks?

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