This quite possibly might be the first year I haven’t waited until the last minute to wrap gifts at my mom’s house.  Maybe it’s the adult finally coming out in me (or the fact I’m low on bags to reuse from last year), but I’ve actually wrapped things early, and put effort into the wrapping!  I’ve seen a lot of cool ways to wrap presents on blogs and Pinterest lately, which gave me some ideas.

Instead of buying more Christmas themed paper, I opted to keep it simple, and picked up a roll of white craft paper from Michaels.  Plus I can use white year round to wrap anything… the options are endless.

I also cut a sprig of rosemary from my bush by the garage and tied it on with raffia.  It smells GREAT and adds a little festive-ness to the packaging, so it’s not just plain.  A piece of my yard to you.  Yay.


Wrapping boxes takes awhile, so of course I’ve been using bags too.  I actually got this tan bag from a restaurant with my leftovers, and painted over the name with chalkboard paint to make a tag.  I wrote the name with chalk, so it can be used again.


Turns out Cleo is a fan of the raffia, and rosemary, so apologies ahead of time if she got to your present!  She is trying to get into her cousins’ presents already…


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