The Thursday before Christmas a few SPARC girls and I headed downtown to Candlefish for a candle making class.  Candlefish is a new shop off of King and Wentworth streets, and is a sister company of Rewined, know for their wine candles.  Candlefish has their own brand of candles that they make in house, as well as a whole shop of other candles, and cute gifts.

SPARC became friends with Rewined a few months ago because of our similar company cultures, so Christina set up a night at Candlefish for a few of us girls to enjoy before the holidays, and learn the magic of candle making.

Once we got there, they gave us a tour of their store / workshop, which is so quaint and adorable.


After the tour we sat down at the table, opened our wine, and let Cat explain the process to us.  Although candle making doesn’t seem too challenging, they made it even simpler and had our stations set up with everything labeled.


After the whole process was explained, we got to choose which scent we wanted our candles to be.  Candlefish has a library of over 100 scents, and they had about 20 out, in their scent families, for us to try.  Since keeping track of all the scents would be hard, they have library cards to make it easier! You can mark which ones you’ve smelled, and your favorites / least favorites and then they’ll keep it on file for you, so next time you’re back you’ll know which ones you like.

Once we had our fragrance oils picked out, it was time for wax.  We each filled up our metal beakers with hot wax, then whisked the fragrance into it.  At that point we had to wait for the wax to cool a little, so we checked out the shop area.  Of all the candles and gifts, I ended up purchasing ‘A Christmas Carol’ book… typical, Christmas-obsessed Kelley.

When Cat checked our wax temperatures and it was cool enough, we headed back to our stations and poured the wax into the glasses.  After a few minutes, you could start to see the candle setting, which was pretty cool.


Candlefish keeps the candles overnight so they can completely cool, and then wraps them up all pretty for you!


We had a fun night, and now my house smells AMAZING.  You get 2 candles during the class, so I’d say it’s a steal.  I’ll definitely be back for more!

PS – I made scent #52, in case you’re curious.

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