Once we decided to host an oyster roast with friends for New Years Eve, I got all excited about planning the party — probably because I had finished decorating the house for Christmas and needed a new project…  Since Georgia Tech is playing in the Orange Bowl on that night, it only made sense that there would be a gold & white “theme” to our party.  Well cue some Pinteresting, which lead me to a cool idea for making some 2015 candles.

Glitter Candles & Tray

What you’ll need:

  • Pillar candles
  • Gold spray paint
  • Gold glitter spray paint
  • Number stencil
  • Painters tape
  • Wooden tray
  • Black paint
  • Paint brush

On the way home from work I stopped at Hobby Lobby to get the supplies I needed for the candles, and then realized I didn’t have anything to put the candles on.  Instead of a mirror or candle holders, I opted for a small, wooden tray ($5) that I could paint whatever color I wanted and then ensure that no wax would spill on furniture.


To start, get out the 2015 numbers from the stencil pack and tape one to each pillar candle with the painters tape –> slightly easier said, than done. The 0 and 1 were easy to get on the candles, but parts of the 2 and 5 kept sticking up because of the curve of the candle, so I had to put some painters tape underneath them to get them to stick.


Once the stencils are taped on, tape around the top and sides of the candle some, so spray paint won’t get on them.  Then you’re ready to paint!  I spray painted 3 coats of gold, and then 2 coats of gold glitter.  I’m sure you could just do the glitter, but I wanted to make sure you could read them.. so did the gold base too.

Spray painting was going great (until it started raining), but I was having issues with #1.  The sides kept trying to open up on the curve, no matter if I held them or tried taping them down, so I knew that one was going to turn out a lil funky.


When the paint was dried, I brought them inside and peeled off the tape / stencil to see what I was working with…  I knew the 1 was going to be a little janky, but hey — I’ll only burn these bad boys one night.


On to the tray!  Like I mentioned before, I bought a basic, wooden tray from Hobby Lobby knowing that I’d jazz it up to hold the candles while they burned.  I used acrylic black paint and gave it 2 coats.


Once it was painted, it was still kinda bland, and I had just used the glitter spray paint on the candles, so I decided to use it on the tray as well!  I took the tray outside and sprayed the inside part, leaving the outside solid black.

Although I’m not a glitter girl, you can’t say no to sparkles on New Years…


With the tray and candles together, I had an easy 2015 touch for our party.  Plus the whole project was pretty cheap.. which is always good.  Not bad for 2 hours of work!




Now I’m almost ready for Wednesday!

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