Since we had moved in, we hadn’t done much with the front porch besides add a door mat and put a small table with a candle by the door. Well times are a’changing….

As an early Christmas present, Pegs gave Hunter and I rocking chairs for the porch, we just had to pick them out.  We found some great unfinished ones at Good Wood, and got them on sale (woo!).


Originally we were going to paint them a teal color, but loved the natural acacia wood so much that we decided to just seal them in with boiled linseed oil and let the grain of the wood show through.  To do this, wear gloves and apply a little linseed oil on the chairs with a clean rag.  After 5-10 minutes use another rag to wipe off any excess.  Slowly, but surely the chairs were slightly stained and sealed!


I have a solid wood table that has travelled with me from my childhood days in our basement to now, and served as a bedside table, TV stand, or porch table.  Since we left the chairs natural, we decided to paint the table teal — I really wanted something teal.

First, we sanded down the table with our new, handy sander.  I even sanded a few legs, but Hunter was having fun with his new toy and did most of it.  This was way easier than manually sanding it down…


After choosing our favorite teal from a few samples, I painted the table with 2 coats.  I’m in LOVE with the teal pop of color.


The porch is much better with our rocking chairs and the refinished table…and some festive Christmas lights (yes, still up).  I can’t wait for the weather to warm up and sit out front with a book and a drink!  Thanks Pegs!




Quite the view on a 75 degree December day!

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