Mid January still counts as a time to look back on the past year right?  I feel like I’ve progressed a lot in my crafting this past year and tried more challenging projects in 2014… so thought it might be time to reflect and pick out some favorites!

7. Yard work

I’ll be the first to admit that actual yard work is not exactly fun, but you see results almost immediately.  Although this wasn’t just one project, yard work made the cut because we have done a lot in our yard this year, and it’s been legitimately hard work, but I’m proud to see the results.  Plus I have learned soooo many things about plants that my sister thinks I’ve turned into Pegs.  Maybe I have since I can play the plant name game now…


6. Wine Cork Crafts

Between letters, corksters, picture frames, trivets, and more, I have made a lot of crafts with wine corks this year — guess I’ve also drank a lot of wine too!  It’s been fun to find and create different crafts with all the corks and I’d love to try some new ones this year.


5. Repurposing Trophies

As I went through boxes of my childhood things that my mom sent home with me, I ended up having a whole “sport display” theme of projects.  My favorite project was figuring out different ways to get rid of my boxes of trophies, while keeping some of the memories associated with them.  Spray painting the tops, framing the plaques, and stacking the bases for bookends let me consolidate my stuff, but repurpose how it was used.


4. Stocking Holders

Obviously something from Christmastime had to be on the list.. When I couldn’t choose any stocking holders to buy, I decided to make my own and couldn’t have been happier with the result.  I’m excited to keep these around for years to come!


3. Oyster Shell Wreath

Once I found the oyster recycling place near our house, I wanted to collect some oyster shells and make a wreath.  Luckily Erin’s engagement party gave me an excuse to, and then it was time to make another for myself!  The wreath is still on our door, and it’ll stay in the ‘front door wreath’ rotation for awhile.


2. Family Recipes / Boat Cleat Picture

This wasn’t a challenging project by any means, but I loved the family feel it added to our walls.  It’s become a conversation piece in the kitchen, and it’s nice to look up and see our grandparents handwriting and feel them here.  Plus it started my obsession with using boat cleats for different things..


1. Driftwood Curtain Rod

This was an easy choice for the #1 spot because I was looking forward to completing this project for so long, and then the finished product with the curtains made such a difference in the look of the dining area and overall living room.  Yay for finally completing the project!


2014 was a good year for me, and I hope this year will have some fun projects too!  What are your favorites?


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  • I’m glad the stocking holders made it – that was one of my favorites! I also liked your pumpkins a lot around Halloween!

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