This past week we headed to The Americano to celebrate Hunter’s birthday.  The Americano is a new Cuban restaurant in Mt. Pleasant and it has had it’s share of drama already –>the head chef quit the opening week. Needless to say whatever issues they had seem to be long gone…

We went on a Tuesday night during prime dinner time, but quickly valeted the car (they have a small lot) and didn’t wait on a table.  Friends at work raved about Americano’s cocktails, and we both ordered their Mexican mule — a play off a moscow mule.  I actually liked this version slightly better than the original since it wasn’t as sweet.americano1

I knew I’d like the place when I saw their menu, and not because of the food. The design on their menu was beautiful, and my friend Lisa at work has opened my eyes to pretty design.  If they’re smart enough to hire a designer to help with their brand, you hope they’re smart enough to put time into a good menu.

Ok, on to the food… We were pretty hungry and ordered a lot: yellowfin tuna tower to share, pork and Americano tacos for me, guava baby back bbq ribs and a side salad for Hunter, plus chips and salsa.  I’ve recently realized that I like tuna tartare and this was one of the more unique dishes I’ve had with it.  It was served with fresh avocado and a pineapple salsa and there was so much flavor.americano2The kitchen was uber fast and about 3 minutes after our appetizers came out, the entrees did, so we basically sat and devoured all of our food for the next 15 minutes.  Both of my tacos were extremely flavorful and tasty, but I’m giving the edge to the Americano taco.  Hunter loved his ribs — I didn’t even get a bite — and ate all of his slaw too.

The price points on the dishes were fantastic considering what we ate and all the food and drinks we had.  We’re excited to have this restaurant in the area, and I can’t wait to go back and try more plates!  I’m totally getting the tuna tower again though… Who wants to try brunch there?


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