Originally I was going to recreate these cute Christmas dish towels that I saw online, but life and the holidays got in the way and I never got around to doing it.  Now that things have calmed down, I grabbed some fabric paint, and was finally in business to try this out.

Hand Painted Flour Sack Dishtowel

What you’ll need:


Before you even pull out the paint, wash the towels and then iron them.  The pack I got definitely needed to be ironed after I washed them, and since I’m not a huge fan of ironing, I just ironed 3, and will get to the rest as I make more towels.

Since my Christmas design was now a little out of season I needed something else to do.  Well my favorite surf shop and old stomping ground, Las Olas, just rolled out their new branding which gave me an idea..  I decided to make a towel for Daniel (the owner, el jefe) since the new logo looks cool, and he’s been working on his house and probably needs a dish towel in his kitchen.

I used the new car decal logo as a guide and free handed the wave logo onto the towel with the fabric paint, then went over it with a brush until it looked right.  The new Las Olas slogan is “seas the day,” so I wrote that on the bottom in a darker blue fabric paint.  Voila — one gift down!


I decided to continue the “seas the day” theme with an anchor stamp I found at Hobby Lobby.  I painted the stamp generously and then put it on the towel.  I touched up a few places where the pain was thin with a paint brush, then it was on to the wording.  I based the phrase off Carolyna pro black again (clearly my current fav font) and another towel was done!



This towel or something like it may be coming to a house near you… so to my friends: Act surprised if you get one of these bad boys as a gift!


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