Tavern and Table recently opened and has quickly become the new go-to spot on Shem Creek.  The interior was decorated by Tanya from HGTV, so I knew I’d like her style, and I’m a fan of the location.. the only thing left was trying the food and drink.  Luckily that’s exactly what we’ve been doing the last month.

We celebrated Catherine’s birthday at the outside bar at the end of December.  It was pretty chilly outside, but the heaters made a huge difference, and we stayed there for a few hours.  Most of us just had drinks, but I tried their pimento cheese and bacon jam appetizer and loved it.  Plus I heard the lobster wontons were delicious..


A group of us went to dinner at Tavern & Table for our Fantasy Football league winnings — the girls beat the boys and got a free meal!  The 6 of us split wine, and had appetizers, small plates, and entrees coming out to enjoy.  My favorite of the night was their brussels sprouts.  It says they were roasted, but they are served in a dish with lots of cheese and are creamy and heavier than you’d expect; however, still very delicious.  They kinda reminded me of the brussels I made for Thanksgiving.

Erin loved her lettuce wraps, and I can’t even remember what everyone else had since I was busy eating my plates.  After dinner, we hung out at the outside bar again.  Their outside bar and deck is already pretty great, but as the warmer weather comes, I foresee a lot of time spent out there.


The girls also came to an early dinner to celebrate Michelle’s birthday last week!  Told you I’ve been here a lot lately…  We split the cheese and charcuterie plate to start and loved it.  The meat wasn’t just basic prosciutto, but an assortment of sausages and meats I didn’t expect, which went great with the goat and blue cheeses.  Needless to say, we needed more bread to finish off the plate.  I wasn’t crazy about the chicken tacos, but enjoyed trying the different cocktails everyone ordered.

Like I said, I’m sure you’ll find me here a lot when the weather gets warmer enjoying a meal or having a drink.  Now I need to try their brunch — who’s in?


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